One of the blogs I follow had a long post about search engine optimization today, which reminded me that I am supposed to write my posts for computer findability, which includes using the key descriptive words in the title and then at least twice more in the body of the text.

I am sure it will come as no surprise that I’m not paying a lot of attention to SEO when I write and, in fact, when I started this post, I was completely unable to decide what words might describe my thoughts. So “Meaningless Title” it is, and I will use that phrase at least once more in this post so that if anyone ever searches for things that don’t mean anything, maybe they’ll find this post. It amuses me to think of people stumbling across… hmm, I think I’ll go google and see what currently wins for “meaningless title.” Oh, and I love it — so, yes, here’s the google hit for “meaningless title“, a job title generator for meaningless jobs. It deserves its ranking!

Ahem. But! Back to business, such as it is. When I woke up this morning, I was lazily drowsing when I realized that my overhead fan was orange. Sometimes the overhead fan glows green, which is the light that means it’s on automated-temperature control, something which would probably work a lot better if I spent more time in environments where a fan could actually control the temperature. I don’t use that feature much because a) it isn’t sufficient when it’s hot and b) the green light is ridiculously bright. At night, I wake up and think I’ve been abducted by aliens, that’s how bright it is. This, however, was an orange light, not a green light, but I was sleepy, so it took me a minute to think, “Oh, I bet it’s sunrise.” I opened the blinds on the window next to me and for about 90 seconds the sky was absolutely gorgeous. I caught it right at the moment of transition.

I moved my camera to the bin above my head recently, in my quest to remember to take more pictures, so I pulled it down and took a bunch of shots that didn’t capture the beauty. In part because the beauty was fast fading, in part because the actual aesthetics of my view were nothing special. A beautiful sky needs some perspective to actually be striking in a photo, I find. But I took the above, and liked it. It felt a little like it should be a book cover for some scary book, an eco-thriller or something like that. But I know that if I drop down into the rabbit hole of designing covers for imaginary books, I will enjoy myself thoroughly, but not get any work done and that is not my plan for today. Plan for today: write many words, not design many book covers.

And none of that is why I’m writing this post. A Facebook friend posted a beautiful set of New Year’s Resolutions yesterday and I wish to steal them. Or at least some of them. She wrote:

Resolved 2019…

Move more, eat less; experience more, use less; downsize and organize; model kindness in a world that desperately needs more; and find joy in even the smallest things.

Only 5 things, easy right??

Rosie Mcsweeney

I’m not going to downsize and organize, because I don’t need to. And I am probably not going to eat less, because I don’t need to do that, either. But “Move more; experience more; model kindness; and find joy in even the smallest things.” Yep! Also take more photographs. New Year’s Resolutions 2019.

I went back in time to see what my New Year’s Resolutions of 2018 were. As far as I can tell, I didn’t make any, but I suspect the only resolution I cared about was finishing Grace. Well, and living a good life, enjoying my time, watching R graduate, all those things, too. But finishing Grace is the big one, so I’m totally counting that as resolution accomplished.

And now it’s time to get today’s resolution underway: words, more words. Happy New Year!