This is where I post flash fiction, missing scenes, the occasional short story, some fan fiction — stuff that for one reason or another hasn’t made it into a published work, but that I’m still willing to share. I hope you enjoy it!

Short Stories

The Court of Arerassi – young adult, fantasy/sci-fi

Sunset – YA, vampires

Memorial Service: A Tassamara Vignette – A Max & Maggie story

Missing or Deleted Scenes

Sophia Goes Home – missing scene from A Gift of Grace

Rose Tries to Communicate – alternate POV scene from A Gift of Time

Selected Fan Fiction

Eureka Redux – A retelling of Season 5 of Eureka, with one major change

Reckless – A Eureka fanfiction that begins after episode 5.10

Flash Fiction (aka very short stories)

The End of the World – flash fiction, first-person, science-fiction-ish

Four – flash fiction, mystery

Not A Nightmare – flash fiction

Worst Game Ever – I don’t write horror, but I think that’s what this one is.

Unfinished Stories (that I might someday finish and publish)

Sister Mages – Two sisters from a magical regency world find a dimensional rift that leads them to what I think was turning into Andrea Host’s Muina. Since I hadn’t intended to write fanfiction, I stopped writing, but it entertains me enough that I might someday finish it.

The Bazkide – This story starts slow, IMO, with a bit too much of an info dump. Every time I think about finishing it, I get stuck on editing what is essentially a prologue (and I disapprove of prologues). But every time I think about giving up on it, I remember that the POV character amuses me and the voice is fun to write. It’s unfinished, though, and might stay that way.

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  1. Lyndy Bliss (yes, it's a pseudonym made up in the early days of the web, but I still like it) said:

    Loved A Gift of Luck! Just finished reading it, and it got me through a difficult day – thank you. (Bad day was my 30-year-old niece in ICU with no one able to figure out why she is so sick.
    Hoping tomorrow (well today, actually – it’s 6:00 am and haven’t gotten to bed yet, as I am a night owl) will be better.)

    Quick question: it’s been a while since I read/reread the other Tassamara books and I don’t remember the character named Serena. Is she in A Gift of Grace or one of the other books/stories? And will we get a book about her one day? I know you said there would be no more Tassamara books, but then A Gift of Luck showed up and left me hoping there might be a possibility for more?

    I love all your book and would love another Cici book, BTW. 😊

    Thanks for your lovely stories full of hope and sweetness with just enough spice. And have to tell you my all time favorite sex scene is Akira’s seduction of Zane using the language of physics.

  2. Oh, thank you so much for this! I am glad I could help you make it through a bad day — you, in turn, are helping me on a discouraged day. Just what I needed!

    Serena actually shows up in A Gift of Thought, not present but mentioned, and it was listening to the audiobook that prompted me to add her to Luck. Here’s the context:

    “Look, you know I believe in you and what you can do. You guys at GD have been invaluable for me. That little blonde—”

“She’d probably kill you if she heard you call her that,” Lucas interrupted.

    “Yeah, whatever,” the driver said. “Tell me she’s not married yet.”

Lucas chuckled. “Still engaged.”

    Dillon frowned, trying to think of who his dad meant, then said, “Oh, you’re talking about Serena!”

He’d met Serena a couple of times. She was a clairvoyant. She could touch an object and tell you its entire history: the last place it had been, who had held it, what it had been used for. None of the information was admissible in court, of course, but he could see that a cop might like working with her. And yeah, she might murder a guy who called her a little blonde, even if it was technically true. Despite her name, Serena was not the serene type.

    “Is she ever gonna dump him?” The cop’s voice was plaintive.

    “Nope.” Lucas sounded sympathetic.


    That’s it, the only mention of her, but when I heard it, I was reminded of her existence and I thought, hmm, I wonder what her story is. Answer: A Gift of Sight, I think. I think it might have sunglasses on the cover, and I think it might open on the Monday after A Gift of Luck with her selling the house that she and her ex-boyfriend lived in. I don’t know very much about her yet, but I’m looking forward to learning more!

    As for Cici, I’ve got Cici 2 underway, too, and I love her as well. I’m pretty sure she’ll happen someday, too, hopefully sooner rather than later, but I’ve kind of been in a Tassamara mood, so maybe not quite yet.

  3. I’m about to start a gift a block for the second time. First I went and reread the entire series. Except for the Maggie story. I thought I would find it here but I didn’t. I really love this series. I’ve already reviewed a gift of luck on all the usual sites.
    And a gift of luck taking place in Disneyland I mean Disney World was awesome.

    In May 1992 my wasband Barry Corbin was the movie star of the week at Disney world. They put us up in the suite you described in the Beach Hotel. It was amazing, beautiful wonderful and terrible. Terrible because our marriage was falling apart and it was our wedding anniversary. Wonderful because – Hey- Disney world. We were a large party. SHANNON and her two sons and a nurse for the younger son who was only one and a half. Plus our two sons. Jim turned 13 while we were there. And there was so much fun to be had.
    Funny moment: we went down to the porch because we were arguing and sat in the big white chairs. And we were having this low voiced argument. And then people would come up and recognize Barry and want to talk. And we would instantly stop arguing and put on our biggest smiles and make nice. This is not anything I’m ever going to write about. But having you mention the Disneyland Hotel and the big family gathering Brought all the good memories back.
    When my son Jim got married it was at Epcot. He and his fiancée saved money for two years to do it. And it was a great adventure. This time we stayed at the yacht club. And it overlaid bad memories from the first time.They had their wedding breakfast at Ariel’s café and it was fabulous. They also had a private dessert party right after FantasMic.
    We all had such a good adventure. TMI sorry

    • Not at all TMI — great stories! And I’m glad Luck could bring the good memories back to you. I lived in FL for a long time so Disney was a good and fun part of my life, it was fun for me to revisit, too! And I should post Welcome to Tassamara here: it was my mailing list giveaway but I’ve sort of abandoned the mailing list so that story’s not actually available anywhere now. Might as well post it here!

  4. Renka (Female, 23) said:

    Hi Sarah,
    I wanted to tell you how much I adored your book Practicing happiness! (I apologise for commenting here, but I just really wanted to let you know how much I loved the book!) It just spoke to me on so many levels I couldn’t understand it myself. The way you write is just so magical and funny and inspiring, I honestly loved everything about the book (I highlighted so many parts in my kindle, at one point I was afraid I am going to highlight the whole book!) . I was thinking about how interesting it is, that even though you were mostly sharing normal parts of your days, having trouble with Serenity, visiting campsites, walking Zelda and Bartleby, meeting friends, there was just something about the way you wrote that spoke to me so deeply. I love your outlook on life and the recommendation for ACT therapy, as that’s something I’ve been getting into myself. I wish you all the luck in the world on your next adventures. Sending love from Slovakia 🙂

    • Thank you so much! What a lovely comment and lovely response to the book. And definitely no need to apologize for commenting here — it always makes my day to know that something I wrote has brought someone pleasure. You’ve made me want to write the sequel!

  5. Just finished my 3rd read of the Tassamara series and came looking to see if you had any plans for continuing. Finding Maggie’s vignette was perfect. I’ve been wanting a Maggie story since I first read the first novel. I don’t know what your writing schedule looks like, but I’d do just about anything for more of her story and her own happy ending.

    • Thank you so much for that reminder! I’ve got bits and pieces of Maggie stories floating around, and I should pull them together. I’m currently working on a couple other things, including another Tassamara story with Serena, but I like Maggie and shouldn’t just leave her hanging. It would be fun to get back into her head.

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