I’ve been thinking about this post for a couple weeks, trying to decide what I wanted it to be. It has a significance that is invisible to you, but has been looming over me as I watched the counter on my dashboard tick inexorably up… 996, 997, 998, 999, and today, 1000.

One thousand posts! It’s a milestone, although I’m not sure what kind. After all, no one is ever going to read all of them. The XML back-up file has 1.7 million words in it. That’s about 20 books worth of words, and although some of those words are the XML code, most of them are not.

Personally, I really wish there were a lot more of those words. I didn’t start blogging until 2006 and then I blogged very lightly for the first few years of my blog, I think primarily because I worried about sharing too much of my personal life in a place that business colleagues might discover. But one of the things that I love about my blog are the links that show up at the bottom of the post that tie back to some previous day. Sometimes the previous day, whatever it was, bores even me. But other times I love the serendipitous reminders of where I was and what I was doing on some past moment. And I wish so many more of those reminders involved an adorable toddler and a stubborn six-year-old and an entertaining eight-year-old. Yes, I wish I’d been a mommy blogger! I wish I’d cared less about what other people might think, about the possibility of being perceived as unprofessional, and more about what I would want to remember. C’est la vie, however.

I also wish I hadn’t lost many of the photos from old posts somewhere along the technological path. I know it happened when my last domain host killed my site and I had a transitional period on wordpress and then switched domain hosts, but knowing how it happened doesn’t bring those photos back. Some of them I might still have somewhere, but I am not going to drop into the major, major rabbit hole of trying to find them and re-post them on those old posts. That would be a fine way of killing some days, but I’d rather use those days more wisely, like, maybe, writing a book?

All that said, and more to the point, even I am unwilling to read the entirety of my blog. Skim some of it, sure; read the occasional post, yes. But not the whole thing. In recognition, however, of the fact that this is a post I will remember, and a post I will stumble upon in the future, and a post that will link me back to my past, I’m going to share some of my favorites, at least of the ones I’ve stumbled across in my browsing over the past few weeks. I’m not going to claim that they’re the best or even worth reading necessarily, but they’re ones I’d like not to lose in the sea of my next million blog words.

August 4, 2009: The two Floridas

December 26, 2011: Anatomy of a year (2011)

January 5, 2014: To the people who dumped their dog on my street last July

September 3, 2015: Dyslexia

October 31, 2015: Swimming and yoga

August 15, 2016: The eye of the beholder

March 2, 2017: Palmetto State Park

May 31, 2017: Best. Vacation. Ever.

February 6, 2018: Bartleby

May 23, 2018: Commencement and other things

I don’t usually ask for comments, but if there’s a post I’ve written that you remember particularly for some reason, I’d love to hear about it!