I dropped my computer on Friday.

It broke.

I realized almost immediately that I’d cursed myself. I told someone in a comment or email that A Gift of Time would be ready in March or April as long as I didn’t lose any more time to colds or flu or minor disasters. Saying something like that is like asking for the universe to start laughing. Whoosh. Have a cold. Ooh, and here’s the flu. Almost done with that? Okay, next up, minor disaster…hmm…I know, broken computer!

I’m so glad I specified minor.

Fortunately, I appear to be up and running again, and it was indeed minor. I thought I might have broken the power jack on the computer itself, but I got a new power cord and it works. Yay!

Several days without a computer though was…strange. I don’t know that I would say that I’m addicted because that implies that it’s optional in my life when the reality is that for me it’s an essential tool for work and communication. I managed to do some useful household chores that I’ve been wanting to do–my bedroom has new curtains, which is something I’ve been intending to do for months–but I also spent a fair amount of time at a loss for what I ought to do next. Even my fallback entertainment options are linked to my computer. I read books on my computer, play games, watch television and movies, talk to friends. Anyway, I am quite glad to have it back and not just so I can start writing again.

Speaking of that, though, I tried to write on paper. With a pen. And no. Just no, no, no. I’ve thought more than once when I felt stuck that I should try going offline and writing in longhand, but…No. Not gonna happen.

This feels like a really boring blog post. I should probably title it that, for full disclosure early on. But I’m back online and wanted to type, so this is a little warm up to get me back to Natalya and Colin. ๐Ÿ™‚