I made a huge mistake last week. Time was going well. I knew what was supposed to happen and it was happening on plan.

Why, why, why did I go back to the beginning?

Actually I do know the answer. I finally figured out how Nat’s gift works, and it’s pretty cool. It’s way more fun and interesting than it was in the beginning and it even has a touch of plausibility. I’ve been stuck all along on how it would be possible to see the future and not have the future be pre-determined. If you know what’s going to happen, doesn’t that imply that what’s going to happen is fixed? I don’t like determinism, I don’t believe in it, but a logical proof of precognition would seem to require it. But I finally managed to wrap my brain around a way that Natalya could have foresight without violating the uncertainty principle, and even managed to bring in a nice use of the observer affect. Yay, physics.

So I went back to the beginning to fix the early references to her gift.

Gah. So much easier said than done. One little tiny change and yep, I’ve spent the past five days revising Chapter 1 for the … I don’t know how many-ith time.

I really wanted to have this book written and ready for beta readers by the first week of February. Instead I might have the first chapter finalized. I keep telling myself that as long as I persist, I will get there in the end. In the long run, persistence is what matters. And it’ll be a better book because of all this. But I am seriously missing writing fan fiction where if something didn’t work, a new episode would change everything anyway.