I’ve been pretty quiet for the past couple weeks: this is because January is off to a rocking start. (Not.)

R whined to me the other day that it just wasn’t fair that he was sick again. I responded matter-of-factly that often when you’re sick, your immune system is depleted and it makes it easier to get the next virus that comes your way. That was before I caught his latest virus and holy cow, it’s a misery.

While the rest of the country wallows in coughs and sore throats, we’re hovering by the bathrooms and discussing which foods might just possibly, maybe, not make us too much more miserable. My vast expertise in vomiting would be useful if I was willing to go to the grocery store to get us some nicer foods (popsicles! mint ice cream!) but meanwhile, we’re debating the plain pasta vs plain eggs repertoire. Again and again and again. First time I’ve had a stomach virus that has lingered for more than 48 hours. I’m ready for my immune system to get itself back into gear.

Every once in a while a list of the things that are piling up drifts into the back of my head and I start to feel a little panicky. It’s not that anything has a deadline of tomorrow, but the number of small and mildly urgent errands that I should be taking care of seems to have gotten scarily long. I think next week I will make a literal list so that I can start crossing things off.

Unsurprisingly my New Year’s resolutions fell by the wayside. 20/10? What’s that? 1000 words a day? Hahaha. But I decided today–possibly in a symptom of getting healthier, possibly just to relieve my sense of guilt–that I will start New Year’s over again after Martin Luther King day, which is Monday. I sort of like the idea of MLK day being a day for saying, “Hey, you had great ideals and hopes, but they didn’t quite work out the way they should have, now it’s time to try again and do better this time.” A fitting MLK quote: “Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle.” Okay, so I’m quite sure that he wasn’t talking about my personal struggle to get undepressed/motivated, but it still seems nicely fitting.

Oh, and the real reason I decided to write something today–it’s Zelda’s 9th birthday. Nine years old! I hate that number, although I like it better than double digits. Here she is with her siblings, eight years and several months ago. Of course she has a ball in her mouth.

IRL, she’s staring at me now, trying to tell me that it’s time to get off the computer and do something. She’d prefer a walk, but she’s going to have to settle for a greenie.