Today was my last Florida adventure: a day at Animal Kingdom with my aunt and uncle. The weather was on the chilly side but the company was excellent. I still didn’t manage to go on the Avatar ride, aka the world’s best ride, but the animal walks were terrific. And I remembered to bring my camera!

I took 240 pictures. Lots of them are truly terrible. Blurry, bad light, shadowed, all the problems one can imagine photos having these photos have.

A reasonable number of them could be turned into good photographs with some cropping, maybe a few photo enhancements. Tweak the white balance, that kind of thing. Tug on a few sliders, maybe apply a filter or two… But I don’t want to post dozens of photographs to my blog. A few are nice, a multitude would be overkill.

So I decided (with one exception) to only post photos that are exactly as I took them: no cropping, no editing, no changing, just the moment the camera captured. Well, almost exactly — in order to keep the file sizes small, I had to downgrade the quality and size. The real images are clearer and bigger.

Today’s favorite photos:

a tiger
Red bird eye
Hippo eye
Gorilla face
some sort of dove

Apparently, I like pictures of eyes.

And the one exception — cropped because if I posted the original in a form small enough to easily upload to the web, the adorable baby elephant would look an awful lot like a lump of rock.