Honestly, this place…

I leave this morning to go into “town”* to try to get my leaking toilet fixed. Tomorrow, I’m driving about an hour away from “town” in the other direction to get the oil changed and the brake fluid levels checked in the van. The need to get this stuff done was motivating me to get moving, with some idea that the right place to take care of such things is “home”. But I was chatting with one of my neighbors yesterday and realized that there should be places to take care of such things here and that once they were done, the nagging sense of obligation to get going would probably fade away. And once that nagging sense fades away… well, maybe I’ll be back at this campground on Saturday. Or maybe I’ll feel inspired to go explore some of Nova Scotia. I’m honestly not sure which.

But if this morning’s sunrise was my last sunrise here, I’m glad I got out on the beach while it was still rising and got to feel the wind and listen to the birds and see Zelda jumping off the rocks like her leg never bothered her at all.

*”Town” is Charlottetown. It’s over an hour away, but when people say “town”, that’s what they mean.