So early that Zelda was still sleeping.

sunrise, part 2

So gorgeous that I ran out of the van in bare feet and pajamas to take a better picture.

sunrise, part 3

Still gorgeous when walking Zelda on the beach, at least an hour or maybe two later.

I have so many beautiful pictures from this campground. I was only planning to be here for three days, but on Sunday, I decided to stay a few more. Today is Wednesday. I did laundry, filled my fresh-water tank, started stowing stuff to get ready to leave tomorrow morning. And I am going to leave tomorrow morning, because I need groceries, including dog food. But every day has gotten nicer, and it’s going to be hard to say good-bye.

Eh, words don’t do it justice. Have a few more pictures instead.

birds on the beach

Birds on the beach

farm with wildflowers

The farm at the top of the hill

wildflowers at sunset

Wildflowers at sunset

beach and blue sky

The other end of the beach