But I don’t have any cool pictures because I haven’t done anything at all. Except pull off the highway, find myself an RV park (St. Johns RV) and after a reasonably brief time of getting settled, crash onto an unkempt bed and go to sleep. I didn’t even hook up the water and the sewer, despite having paid for the full service. But I was surprisingly tired.

Well, maybe not surprisingly. I think I predicted more than once that the moment everything was done I was going to sleep for three days. It’s been a busy three months and an intense last few weeks. I did have time for one last swim yesterday, and a lovely lunch with my dad, but when we returned to the house the buyer was there for the inspection and from then on, it was a whirlwind.

Eventually, I was on the highway, Serenity and I headed north, and two things were happening. First, my brain wasn’t letting go of house worries. I kept trying to convince myself that it was finally my chance to think about writing, nothing whatever to do except concentrate on how I’m getting Grace out of this boring scene that she’s in, but my brain just would not unlock. And second, I could feel myself getting driven to reach PA. I passed a place I’d thought about stopping in — Flager Beach, where there’s a campground that sounded nice — and I was tired, my back was sore, I was hungry… but I just kept going. As if I was going to make it to PA in the next two hours. Given that my destination is 800 miles away and that there’s no reason for me to get there before Thursday, I knew I was being stupid. Well, or rather High Persistent, which is one of my character traits that’s always been both a blessing and a curse. Another fifteen miles down the road, I pulled over in a rest stop, found myself a new place to stay, called ahead, and here I find myself.

It’s nothing special: your basic field with concrete pads. But there are some trees and a nice long walk for the dogs. Both of them refused to come back into Serenity this morning after their walk, so I got a chance to try out their new tie-outs. Z promptly wound herself around the tree. Ha. It’ll take practice, I expect for both of them, since they’ve never been tied up before.

Still, it’s getting pretty hot already — not quite 9, and it’s 86 degrees inside Serenity — so it’s probably time to close Serenity up, get the AC on, and get back on the road. I don’t wish I was staying because Serenity is filled with clutter that I’m taking to my brother’s house and the feeling of chaos stresses me out, but I am definitely looking forward to the day where my goal isn’t to get on the road, but to enjoy where I am. Soon!