The words trickled in yesterday. A sentence here, a sentence there. I wound up with less than 400 at the end of the day, without the justification of having gotten a lot done. I didn’t even make it to yoga. I did, however, resist eating an incredibly delicious-looking cream puff that filled my house with sweet scents through the afternoon. C was making them for a special occasion dinner and they looked–and smelled–so good. But I feel as if I’ve been paying for the foods I ate on Wednesday for three days of sluggishness, high anxiety, achy joints and general malaise, and I wasn’t willing to start that cycle over again.

Interestingly, today (day 4), I took the dog for a really long walk, had great book thoughts while I was doing so, made my bed, straightened the living room, put my shoes away and started writing a blog post instead of browsing the internet for an hour or two… alas, the joints still hurt, but supposedly a food reaction lasts three days and apparently it’s now over. I enjoyed the French fries, but they weren’t worth it. But at least I’m not starting over for the sake of a cream puff. (They did look impressively good, though.)

Today’s goal: to write words. Maybe to start the scene with the fun new character I was imagining on my walk. I hope they turn out as snappy as I imagined them.

I hope your Sunday goes well!