I woke up allergic this morning: congested, itchy eyes, the over-tired feeling of an immune system overreaction. It annoys me mightily. I left a write-in early yesterday because I was hungry and knew that if I stuck around, a gluten-free chocolate brownie would become too tempting to resist. If I’d known that I was going to be allergic anyway, I would have eaten it and enjoyed every bite.

Today, my accomplishment is going to be yoga. When I feel like this, there’s a real temptation to just crawl under the covers, but I’m not going to. Some words will be written–probably bad ones, but they’ll be written anyway–and I will go to yoga. Everything else is going to be an optional Monday decision.

Day 17 and I’m not even close to my revised goal, but at least I’ve written a blog post every day.