Yesterday I got a ton done. Not a ton of words, unfortunately. But I met with the kitchen people, I went to the grocery store, I made chicken soup using the broth from the other day, I had a long phone call, paid some bills, researched health insurance… it was a productive day.

Just not with words.

I have reasons–or at least suspicions of reasons–that mostly boil down to how much NaNo does not work with my writing style. I think, as a writer, that I’m like one of those painters who does lots of sketches first. All of the sketches matter. All of the time spent thinking matters. I tried to convince myself yesterday that even though the words I was writing were terrible, I should just keep writing and consider it a first draft. But the words were too bad for that. I needed to work out the sketch first, decide what was happening, how and when, and that involved time spent doodling, not drawing. Yesterday was a doodling day.

Today… I’ll see. Onward I go, writing every day, blogging every day, and eventually, past experience indicates that I will have a book. Eventually. Just probably not at the end of November or even at the end of December. But when I get there, I think it’ll be fun.