Days should not begin with a dog throwing up in your bed. It should be against the rules of life. The roll of the dice should prohibit it.

Um, it’s early. I’ve got laundry in the washing machine already, go me. Except it’s just the sheets from my bed with the quilt waiting patiently in the laundry basket, so as chores go, it’s… well, not a net negative, but a net neutral at best. That chore didn’t exist last night so doesn’t really count as something useful to have done, and I’m in the middle of it so it’s not finished. I guess that does make it a net negative.

Something big is rustling around in my backyard. I thought it had to be a dog and then I realized both dogs were still with me. That’s a good horror movie feeling. But I went outside to check it out and whatever it was got very still, so I’m voting opossum or armadillo. Not serial killer, because then, of course, I would be dead. I’d be a bad horror movie cliche, the unarmed woman going outside to check on a mysterious noise. But most backyard mysterious noises turn out to be rabbits, so I wasn’t actually worried except for that momentary thrill of fear.

Today… will include writing. And going to a kitchen cabinet store, and trying to deal with my health insurance online, and (*fingers crossed*) some progress on a cover for ALM, but mostly, I hope, writing. It’s not a good sign that I’m really wishing for caffeine, but I am.