I just typed Day 30 by accident in the title bar. I wonder if that was wishful thinking?

I decided this morning that I should create a new NaNo goal for myself, just to make sure that the pressure of my impending failure doesn’t make me shut down and freeze (any more than I already am, that is.) 30K words and a blog post every day. That’s an achievable goal and a lot more likely to happen than 50K words, although I do think I could make it to 50K words if I just gave up my need for them to be good words. I could write 50K words of babble, I’m sure. But 50K words of babble would be reasonably useless, while 30K good words plus a blog post every day would not.

At any rate, I decided that, and then promptly forgot to write my blog post for the day until now. Ha. My mind does so like to play tricks on me. But at least it’s not 11PM when I’m remembering that I didn’t write a blog post.

Yesterday was not a huge word day. I intervened in a dog fight–well, first I caused it, but then I intervened in it–and wound up with a bloody, bruised, but fortunately not broken, pinky finger. I wound up taking some painkillers and going back to bed. I did eventually do some writing and some editing (bad me), but I also went to the Orlando Indie Alliance meeting in the evening and watched an extremely wonderful Supernatural episode at my housemate’s prompting after that, so words were never the priority that I had intended them to be. So it goes. (I feel like I should explain the dog fight but it’s a boring story: short version, my terrier is far more protective of me than she needs to be & I used a voice that made her think I needed help when I didn’t. I suppose the even shorter version is that I appear to be incapable of training my dog not to attack C’s dog.)

At any rate, 30K words means that I’m behind by about 5K words instead of 17K, so it’s doable at a pace of 1.3K words per day. I already did some writing today, but that gives me plenty more to do, so time to get back to it. I’m going to be writing a chapter with Rose as the POV character today and I’m hoping it’ll be easier than other chapters have been, since Rose is a familiar character to me and I’m not working out who she is at the same as I write about what she’s doing. I’m also feeling like my scenes are being a little floaty–not enough context embedding to give the reader a sense of place–so I’m hoping to get some more of that in there, too. And off I go to make it be. Happy writing!