Not exactly what one might call a flood, but I actually feel as if I was pretty productive with those 18 words. I think I have decided to start a new project for NaNoWriMo and I spent some time having fun plotting it. Then I managed to switch gears and think about Fen for a while. I only eked out those measly 18 words–which, I admit, I might delete today–but I also tweaked some of the words leading up to those 18 and felt generally pleased with the quality of the words on the page.

NaNo starts Saturday, so my goals for the next few days are to keep working on Fen and–more importantly–to get all of my files with their new covers posted to all of the sites that I want them to be posted on. That’s a big job and I want to finish it, not having it drag on throughout the month of November. If I can finish it by Saturday, then I go into NaNo without the lurking weight of all the things I need to take care of dragging me down. I’ve always failed NaNo grandly–within the first week, I’m thousands of words behind and wanting to spend all my time asleep, but this project would be one where I know my characters pretty well (with one exception) and a lot of the events can evolve in a very natural way. I think I might be able to really fall into it. And maybe for once the whole goal oriented nature of NaNo will work in my favor.

But still, that’s three days away. Today, I’d like to finish the scene I’ve been working on with Fen, and get Ghosts re-formatted. And now that I’ve written a blog post, maybe I’ll let myself actually get to it!