Yesterday I was exhausted. I didn’t write a word. I didn’t even open up the file. But I did dismantle the plumbing under my sink to unclog my clogged drain which involved completely emptying the cabinet and then putting everything back into it and I did deal with some work stuff, including some that was not pleasant, and I did call CenturyLink to find out why the internet wasn’t working, so it wasn’t a collapse-in-a-heap sort of day. I could have written. I should have written. At least a couple sentences to get myself back into the spirit.

Today I am off to take my car to the shop (and have breakfast!) and when I come home, I need to move most of the small items in the house, including all the books, into my bedroom, so the flooring guys can fix all the floors tomorrow. Doesn’t that sound fun? I am so not in the mood. But I am going to try to write–not 1000 words, because that would be a ridiculous goal and I’m sick of failing the goals I set for myself, but at least a paragraph.

Tomorrow, flooring guys. I suspect the day will be disrupted and loud, but I will try to write.

Thursday, the cabinet people come. I’d like to make it to yoga, because apparently I’m not going to make it there today or tomorrow, but I think choosing yoga is probably ambitious enough that it would mean not choosing writing. Maybe I’ll play it by ear.

But I need to stop letting one disruption dictate my day. In my head, writing is my priority. In my life, other stuff keeps stealing my energy.

I still haven’t managed to reformat the books and post the new versions, so I’ve also got that as a goal. But first things first–off I go to the car place.

Today’s goal: to write something!