Yesterday’s blog post was the only writing I managed to do yesterday. I completely and totally forgive myself.

I worked hard, without taking good breaks, and late. I managed to get both Ghosts and Thought completely updated, falling slightly in love with the process of creating an ebook in pure HTML, up until Calibre screwed with my files, and then got both books posted on (I believe) all the sites where they were originally posted. Oh, drat, I just remembered Tomely. I didn’t get there with Thought. I guess I won’t worry about that too much, since no one has ever bought a copy of a book from Tomely, but I will try to update that site later today. Oh, and my own sites–I didn’t update those either. Okay, I *almost* got done. Either way, it was a ton of work, a lot of hours spent at the computer, and I feel like it was a successful day, despite the fact that it wasn’t a word-filled day.

It was also good because I spent a lot of time proofing A Gift of Thought (because of the weird artifacts caused by some symbols) and really refreshed my memory about some of the character voices. It made me more excited to start working on A Gift of Grace, which I will be doing starting Saturday morning.

With NaNo, some people start at midnight on Halloween. I will not be doing that. But I will start first thing on Saturday and I am going to try to keep a lot of time very clear for the first week of the month. I always lose in the first week. By the end, I’m so far behind that I know I will never catch up. Not this year. I’m not going to assume that the book I write will be any good–it’ll be a fast first draft, it might need a ton of work later–but I am going to let the words pour out and have fun with them. Anytime I get stuck, my plot ninja will be to bring in one of the characters from a previous book for a scene or two. That almost feels like cheating to me, but for a character-driven author (which I very much am) having a pre-established pool of characters to play with ought to be amazing.

I am really liking my hero, too. Poor guy is tortured, but he has a sense of humor about it. Ah, but I’m not starting today!

Today, A Gift of Time gets reformatted. A person comes to look at my kitchen and give me a quote for the repairs I need in there. And my dad stops by to bring me some stuff and maybe take me out to dinner. Plus, I will wander through my house appreciating my exceedingly pretty new floors. Yesterday was a pretty noisy day and I maintained great focus. Today is going to be a quieter day, but I hope I can still keep the focus up.

As for the writing: um. Maybe finish the scene for APB that I’ve been stuck on. Maybe write another blog post and show off pictures of my pretty floor and/or my prettier book covers. Maybe… maybe these 500 words counts as writing for the day. I’ll find out by tomorrow. 🙂