300+ words this morning and then I got stuck. A cute little plot device suddenly had a gaping hole in it, a solution that would be immediately obvious to all involved. Ouch. I hate that.

I wound up shutting down the computer and spending a couple hours napping amidst my flock of dogs, and doing house things. (Side note: I can’t believe I ever thought the bed was crowded with two dogs. Organizing them all so that there’s room for me to take a nap is on an entirely different plane of crowded.) I think I resolved it and it was definitely good story plotting time. I had an… event… planned for later in the book that I hadn’t quite decided how to work and I got a nice solid idea for how to make it happen gracefully.

Now I’m off to do a little more research–I need to invent some terminology, but my translation program would translate it into something that Fen could understand, so I need to figure out what that would be. But I plan on getting back to that document and getting at least a few more words written before I shut down again.