12:15 already. I’m hungry and I haven’t written a word. I haven’t even opened up the file! Time zooms by sometimes. But I’m not beating myself up, because a) the day has plenty of hours left in it, and b) I’m through all my email, a phone call that I’ve been dreading, all the dogs are walked and fed and behaving, and I did a grocery store run. So yeah, it’s not as if I’ve been lounging in bed all morning.

Yesterday the writing didn’t go well. Probably more to the point, it didn’t happen. I wound up backing up and re-reading a bunch of ALM, trying to get back into my sense of the world and remember specific details. I did a ton of entertaining research on some useful and not-so-useful things. And my one fun edit of the day was that I changed a line where Cyntha threatened bread & water as a punishment to sea slug paste & water. I probably spent an hour making that change, but hey, it’s world-building and it amused me.

Today, I’m definitely going to get more done. In my spare moments, the characters are starting to chat in my head again. I wish I’d caught a conversation that they had yesterday while I was swimming–I can’t even remember what it was now. But it was fun while I was imagining it and I’m looking forward to having fun again.

Today’s goal: 500+ words. I’m going to work my way back up to 1000 a day. Today I’m still in the dreaming stage.