It’s been an off weekend. Although useful in ways like organizing the tea cupboard. (Why, yes, I do have an entire cupboard devoted to tea. Doesn’t everyone?) Also grocery shopping and hanging out with dogs and cooking crazy food, and yes, yuca root does actually make a pretty good pasta-style dough. I’m going to try it with some type of Chinese dumplings next time–maybe shrimp and spring onion?

Ahem, but none of that was why I’m here. This blog post by Patricia Wrede, Recruiting Extras, is so darn useful for writers that if you’re reading this (and you’re a writer, but then probably you are, else why would you be here?), you should go read that immediately, instead. It is packed with good ideas about writing crowd scenes–such good ideas that I want to write a crowd scene just to use them! Oh, wait–I am writing a crowd scene. Well, ha, perhaps my banquet just got a lot more interesting. Someday I will finish this banquet scene, I’m sure of it.

I’m equally sure that today will not be the day.

Goal for today: a healthy dinner, happy dogs, some Doctor Who, and a big win on Covet.

Goal for tomorrow: to stop acting like my life is a weekend. And write 1000 words!