Summer always seems to go by so quickly. I feel like I’m incredibly busy, working hard, and then I realize I haven’t written a word in three days. Part of me wants to just say, “Relax, enjoy it, these days won’t come again,” and another part of me is anxious about what a bad entrepreneur I am. I need to find the fine line that lets me do both at once, and I’m pretty sure that line is best found by disconnecting from the internet. I do not wish to know how many hours a day I waste by checking my email & RSS feeds. Really, it would be a bad number.

Today, though, I’m going to be doing my first Facebook event, running (for me) from 12-3. I think I get to call that both goofing off and working, so yay. I’m also updating my blogs to include information about my new release. I’ve got A Lonely Magic scheduled to publish on July 10th. I’m sort of debating moving that up, because R comes home on July 8, and I think it would be nicer to be done with it before he arrives. I keep remembering little things I need to take care of before it actually releases, though. And the whole point of taking the time to do promotional stuff before letting it release was to actually do all that promotional stuff, not just decide at the last minute that I can’t be bothered!