My title is the same as the first entry on my to-do list.

I am, at some point, going to figure out how to maintain a write-every-day schedule. It would be the most important thing I could do toward actually making life as an independent publisher/writer work. But somehow I haven’t convinced my brain to come along for that ride and beating myself up doesn’t seem to help. My writing subconscious is extremely stubborn. When it starts feeling put-upon, it just shuts down. But I’ve spent over three months in editor mode–polishing and proofing and trying to perfect–and trying to switch back to just letting the words and ideas flow hasn’t been happening.

So today: 500 words. It’s a small goal but I’m hoping that if I let my fingers loose a little, they’ll start moving. At this point, I don’t care what I write, as long as I write. I still have a few more elements of criteria-based content analysis to write about. If I can’t manage to make any fiction words work, I’m going to write long blog posts about anything that comes to mind, just to keep my fingers moving. Well, okay, maybe they won’t be blog posts if they wind up infinitely boring. But blog posts are my back-up plan to make sure that writing happens.