I managed just under 1100 words yesterday. That might please me more if it hadn’t literally taken all day long and well into the evening. It was one sentence, wander away, one more sentence, wander away, and on and on and on.

I have a character who has lost her purpose. I’m not entirely sure what she should be doing right now. She’s not sure, either. The last time she showed up she was fluttering around like a helpless moth. I have another character who is also unfortunately helpless, because injured. I need to get him healed up so that he can run away from danger, because my heroine has made it clear that she’s not about to leave him behind. I think I need to write a scene of absolute chaos to tie up all my loose ends and chaos is so hard to write. Nice quiet conversations are so much easier.

Still, I met yesterday’s goal, so yay. Today’s goal–the same. 1000 words. Plus a hope that I’m not still writing late into the evening.

Anyone else want to check in? How are your goals coming along?