I’m thinking about taking the day off. Or maybe mostly off. Perhaps I’ll write something unrelated to A Gift of Time, something mentally mellow.

Writing yesterday: over 1400 fun words. I like them very much. You’d think that would make me inspired to start writing right away this morning, but I was up way too late (long saga involving the cleverness of a dog who managed to lock herself inside a bedroom and a locksmith who deserves some seriously negative reviews for timeliness and price) and way too early (two of the three dogs wake up wanting breakfast). And I have lunch plans. So I’m thinking… maybe 200 words today? Something to keep the streak of writing every day going–admittedly, it’s a short streak, but “don’t break the chain” has to start somewhere–but nothing ambitious. And no, I don’t have the big wall calendar, but I’m sort of using this blog as my big wall calendar!

Advice to beginning writers from Dean Wesley Smith this morning:

…most of all, have fun

Always a good thing to remember!