1622 words yesterday.

My favorite lines of the day:

She felt like a deer trapped in the headlights. She didn’t want to be an armadillo, though—jumping up to avoid danger only to crash straight into the bumper of the car that would have passed over her if she’d only crouched in stillness.

They might get revised during editing. The first line is a cliche, of course, which might bother me later. In one of my revision passes, I usually highlight all the cliches I’ve used while writing fast and decide if and how to change them. But the cliche might be necessary to make the whole thing work. So it might get changed, but it might not, too. They’re still my favorite lines from yesterday.

Today, unfortunately, is not going to be so productive, because I’m starting later than usual–I haven’t even walked the dogs yet, poor guys–and I’ve got afternoon plans. Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival, so yay, fun afternoon plans, but boo, not so great for writing. If I knew exactly what happened next I could probably get 1000 words in, but I don’t. I suspect today will be a swimming in circles sort of writing morning. No worries — I’ve got 26 days left in October to meet my goal, and I don’t think I have 26,000 words left to write. I’m closing in on my climax.