I hope everything went well yesterday, Lynda! I’ve been thinking about you.

Words yesterday: 760 of them, meeting my 500 word goal. Better yet, I like them. I’m trying to push forward even when I don’t like the words–it’s just a first draft, I remind myself constantly–but it’s much nicer when the words sparkle and flow.

My favorite bit from yesterday:

“Heard a big splash, that’s all. Got scairt.” The last word came out in a mumble.

“Told you before, you’re way too big for a gator. It’s more scared of you than you are of it.” Travis made no move to get into the boat.

“You saw that big one. Thirteen foot long, it was! I’d be, like, breakfast. And not a good breakfast, neither. Not bacon and eggs, I’d be like a bowl ‘a cold cereal.”

I sent that bit to my friend Tim via IM and he knew immediately who the second speaker was, without knowing context or anything else besides what’s there. That felt immensely satisfying, since it meant that I’m successfully differentiating all my boys’ voices. (What boys? you ask. Isn’t this a romance? Well, kind of. I’m well into fairy tale territory now, and the fairy tale appears to be turning into Peter Pan. I bet there’s a lot of Freudian ground to explore there!)

Anyway, today’s goal is definitely 1000 words. I don’t want to get ambitious–it’s always bad news when I predict success–but if writing today is anything like yesterday, I might even fly past that goal. Fingers crossed!