The question is: how can an editor and technophile have reached March 2006 without starting a blog?

The answer is…um….it was easy? Busy with other things? Not sure what I’d write about?? Oh, I can always fall back on the standard: I’m a single working mom, you’ve got to be kidding. That’s the answer to any question that revolves around why I haven’t done something that would take time.

However, I’m now at South by Southwest, in Austin, Texas (Texas! I love my job) and Gary-Paul, my delightful co-worker, has started a blog for me. If you’ve stumbled across this blog, in some inadvertent way, chances are it will be filled with worshipful notes about my exceedingly charming and wonderful 10-year-old son. Also, potentially, the things I stumble across about dyslexia, positive parenting, alternative education, and the other things that obsess me (whether I’m glad about the obsession or not.)