Certification for the Goal Success Life Coach class


And #3 done. This was by far my favorite of the classes I’ve taken so far, largely because it was the one where I had to work the hardest. Although that sounds wrong. It’s more that the exercises really required me to think, because I wasn’t coming into it with the background of already having done the work. And that also sounds wrong. It’s not that I don’t know my goals, because I do, but the approach was more challenging and more concrete than I anticipated it would be. It was good work to do, but I needed a lot more time to think about the exercises and my answers to the exercises than I expected.

I think I short-change thinking time when I’m planning. I know that’s been a constant issue with writing stories for me — I sit down, expecting the words to come pouring forth, and then I stare at the computer and have no idea what the words should be or what happens next in the story. In this current project, I did anticipate that it would take some serious time — I think I said January for learning, February and March for content creation, April and May to start marketing, June before I could hope to be earning any money — but I think I anticipated that the creation time would be straightforward, that I knew what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it, and that therefore it would be easy. Perhaps not so much. Well, definitely not so much. But progress, not perfection; mistakes are opportunities to learn; the journey is what matters. Right?

Moving on, I had a lovely time at Epcot last week. We went on multiple rides, including the incredibly nostalgic (to me) “Journey Into Imagination” ride, aka the Figment ride. I think it was literally 25 years since I’d been on it, but I knew exactly where the ride stopped moving back then, and exactly when three-year-old R started screaming to get off. I’m sure he doesn’t remember, but it feels like such a metaphor for parenting for me. I worked so hard, but in the end, it was out of my control.

Beet salad from Epcot

This was by far my favorite snack at the Arts Festival — beets, mushrooms, pecans, cheese. Truly delicious.

A sea urchin wearing mouse ears

If you look closely, you can see that the sea urchin is wearing Mickey Mouse ears. Apparently they drop the tiny mouse ears in the tank and the sea urchins somehow put them on. It sounded implausible — how do sea urchins even move? — but it was fun to spot!

On Friday, I met up with a new writing friend in downtown Sanford. I met her through the writing group, and this was the third week in a row where we met at a coffee shop on early Friday evening to write together. I worked on Cici for a while, decided I hated it, then moved on to my tea shop story, and solved some problems that I’d been stuck on. I didn’t actually get a lot of words written, but it was really satisfying to be writing, to feel comfortable with a writing buddy, to be sitting outside in the early evening, to be enjoying Sanford at 5PM on a Friday evening, when the live music at the bars has already started and so many people are wandering the streets, and appreciating Florida. I really love the atmosphere there as twilight falls.

On Saturday morning, I started to try to schedule online writing time with my friend Lynda — and then I very spontaneously invited myself to her house to write instead. She lives an hour away, so a completely reasonable drive to get to spend time with a friend. Why haven’t I done it before? I’ve been here for three months! I think maybe because I was worrying about Sophie, either leaving her alone in my house for hours, or bringing her and having her be restless and unsettled. But I brought her and she was largely very good. A little restless, but mostly willing to sit and be peaceful while Lynda and I chatted. I can’t believe that I took no pictures while I was there, but apparently I didn’t! We didn’t get a lot of writing done, possibly unsurprisingly, but had a lovely time hanging out, talking business and life and writing.

Sunday started out gray and rainy and chilly — okay, nothing like Arcata’s version of the above — but enough that I started my day by making a quick run to the new Publix (seven minutes drive away, just opened up, yay!) and buying the BOGO pot roast. It felt like such good pot roast sort of weather. I then spent the day puttering around with the delightful smell of simmering meat emanating from the stove. It was delightful — and actually it tasted delicious, too — but I eat meat and potatoes so rarely these days that I think I spent all of yesterday (Monday) in a bit of a food coma as a result. At least Monday felt like a wasted day.

Well, somewhat wasted. This morning when I was writing morning words, I started out beating myself up for how little I’d accomplished yesterday, and then I stopped and wrote a list of my accomplishments: laundry done, folded and put away; hair cut; healthy vegetables cooked and eaten; dog walked and played with; goal setting course completed; three books speed read for research (one on marketing, two on food). I need to not beat myself up in general, but I definitely didn’t deserve the abuse I was heaping on my head for yesterday. It’s just that I never sat down at my computer and worked on writing, course creation, or web design. And those are things that I’d really like to accomplish. The goals that I have not yet succeeded in achieving! Soon, though. In my list of aphorisms, I should include something about persistence or perseverance. Because it’s always just one step at a time, one word at a time, and giving up is really the only way to fail. I don’t intend to fail. So. Onward!