My dad said yesterday that I was being very quiet on my blog. Yep. This time it’s because I’m being very quiet in my life. I’ve been struggling with sleep, allergies, joint pain, and illness that might or might not have been gluten reaction, and so doing very little. The big events of my days have been dragging myself out of bed to play ball with Sophie, then putting myself straight back into bed. But I started feeling better on Friday — three whole days ago! — so maybe I’ve broken out of the cycle of immune system over-reaction. Fingers crossed.

I’ve been reluctantly debating returning to the strict Auto-Immune Protocol diet. Extremely reluctantly. I know it works, but oh, it is so hard. On the other hand, it’s hard to feel sick all the time, too, so… trade-offs, right? The things that I know I should give up are soy, dairy, nightshades and all traces of sugar. But if I go strict AIP, I also have to give up rice & eggs. Ugh.

Obviously, I’ve done it before, so I know it can be done, but it’s not fun. And I would so miss my regular sushi. Or, I should say, my regular onigiri, because I’ve moved on from sushi to onigiri, which for me is basically just the same ingredients folded up in nori (seaweed) instead of rolled in nori. This weekend’s best onigiri: goat cheese, strawberry, basil, and a sprinkle of black pepper. I bet it sounds weird, but it was delicious.

Other delicious food of this weekend:

bacon, kale and eggs dish

Kale sautéed in bacon, topped with two eggs, sunny side up, and a sprinkling of basil. On AIP, I wouldn’t be able to have the eggs.

chicken stir fry

Chicken stir fry with kale, carrots, green onion, and pea pods. On strict AIP, I wouldn’t have been able to add pepper.

zucchini apple pancakes

Zucchini apple pancakes, topped with Yellowbird Serrano Sauce. The binding ingredients are an egg and a little bit of flour, neither of which I could use on strict AIP, nor could I add the serrano sauce, because peppers are a nightshade. Oh, also there was some goat cheese in there, and I wouldn’t be able to use that either.

As you can perhaps tell, I am extremely reluctant to return to the strict AIP diet. On the other hand, I’m also extremely reluctant to continue feeling as sick and low-energy as I’ve been feeling, so… For the moment, I’m just going to cut back on white rice — it’s a high glycemic index food, so I think it’s the “sugar” that’s causing the joint pain that’s making it hard for me to sleep, and try to up my probiotic intake. More kombucha, maybe even some sauerkraut or other fermented foods. Still, it is, of course, the best time of year to do strict AIP, because there are so many good vegetables available. All of the above — the kale, zucchini, pea pods, carrots, green onion, and basil — came from Saturday’s farmer’s market. Yay for the farmer’s market! And probably better sooner on AIP than later. If I’m going to do it, the sooner I start, the sooner I get it over with. (It’s an elimination diet, so 30 days strict before starting to add foods in again.)

In other news… nope, I’ve got nothing. Sophie Sunshine continues to be a very good girl, albeit highly unsympathetic to me not wanting to get out of bed; Arcata continues to be beautiful; and I continue to love my tiny house. For the first time in my entire life, though, I’m ready for the solstice to come and go, because the days are LONG right now. It’s light well before 6AM and well after 9PM. I guess in 2020 I was too distracted to notice, and in 2021, I was on the road headed east. I love my skylight and windows, and the sunlight they let in, but I’ll be okay when that sunlight starts showing up closer to 7AM.

And I guess since I’m feeling better, I should probably get back to work. I’ve got an audiobook waiting for me to listen to it and words to write. I’ve been stuck for days on a question that I can’t believe I never answered before: how exactly did Lucas (Dillon’s dad) start working for law enforcement? Well, I’ve mostly been stuck because I haven’t felt well, but that’s the place where my stuck-ness landed. Perhaps I will figure out the answer today.