A text conversation in which I suggest Martha Well's Murderbot series
A continued text conversation in which I say that Murderbot is like classic sci-fi but with a modern attitude.
and a final text where I say that I want to go reread all the stories.

I started to transcribe this conversation and then thought I was unfairly misrepresenting myself, because I was automatically correcting my punctuation and capitalization, and of course I don’t properly punctuate texts. Does anyone? But the misplaced apostrophe in her name does pain me. It’s Martha Wells, not Martha Well.

Anyway, I’ve decided I like reviews by text: succinct, to the point, not very organized, but covering the most relevant details. Which, in the case of Murderbot, includes the fact that I would rather be rereading them than doing much of anything else, so I think I’ll go do that. 🙂