Meals cooked this week:

Food picture
Wednesday: Eye of round, sous vide cooked, topped with zhoug (aka spicy cilantro sauce) and roasted potatoes, Maddie style. We started with salads, but I didn’t get those in the picture.
Food picture
Thursday: Baked chicken thighs with kale, tomatoes, and leeks.

Friday (not shown): Rice bowls with eye of round, sautéed greens & peppers, tomatoes & avocado, plus chili garlic sauce.

Food picture
Saturday: Spicy sweet potato hash with bacon, carrots and avocado, topped with an egg over easy. That was brunch, so also Saturday, sautéed summer squash and chicken apple sausage topped with a lemon herb sauce for dinner.
food picture
Sunday: Ling cod baked in parchment paper on a bed of spinach, topped with tomatoes and cilantro, with a side of roasted broccoli.
Food picture
Monday: Butter chicken on rice, with tomatoes, spinach, and cilantro.

This is more in nature of a reminder to myself than anything else. It’s almost noon and I haven’t walked the dogs or made the bed or exercised or written good words or learned anything… I haven’t even taken a shower. It’s not a good sign when I’m trying to give myself Shine for putting on pants. Go, me, I’m wearing clothing…

But, in fact, even if I’m an abysmal marketer who doesn’t know how to sell books, and even if I’m a lousy writer all out of ideas, and even if I’m a bad mom whose son doesn’t care about her, much less love her, I’m still doing a damn good job of feeding an essential worker. Go, me.

Sometimes we have to take our Shine where we can get it.