I was going to write a post about my frustration with my camera, because all the pictures I posted in the last several blog posts were taken on my iPhone. Then I realized that it wasn’t that I only took good photos with my phone; it was that I’d screwed up and only looked at the photos imported from my phone, instead of looking at my photos by date.


But I am not going to go back and change my previously posted photos, because that would be confusing. So here are some random photos that if I’d seen earlier, I might have posted.

a plant with spikes
a bird hiding on a post
some kind of rodent
the same rodent, trying to disappear into the dirt that its fur blends with
a very cool bird with a long beak that S says is called an avocet. White body, darker wings, long stick-like legs, long curvy skinny black beak, brown head.
brown bird with orange eye, sitting on a nest in the grass