Foggy water scene

My friend A asked me last week whether I’d had a dry day yet. I looked at her, a little puzzled, and she said, “Tears?” Ah. The answer was “No.” Losing a dog is unlike any loss I’ve ever had. I think I do fine when I’m with other people — I have no trouble making conversation, going places, interacting — but when I’m alone in the van… it’s just very quiet without Bartleby.

Which makes writing a “best of” post a little problematic. I want to remember all the good things during the month: conversations with friends, nice driveways, a fantastic summer roll dinner with C & co., writing with J & A, visiting R in Sarasota and eating dinner outside with Z sleeping under the table, lovely Valentine’s Day yellow roses that made me smile…

But the honest truth is that I spent a lot of February 2018 feeling overwhelmed with sad. The best part about it is that it’s over.