R’s neighborhood in Sarasota is an interesting mix of small houses; some run-down and worn, some polished and sterile, others quirky and whimsical and obviously loved. I’d guess much of the first are student housing while much of the second are vacation rentals. The third category is the best, of course. Lots of interesting artwork and sculptures. Maybe someday this week I’ll do an art walk and bring my camera, so I can post pictures. The neighbors across the street have a big purple sculpture in their yard; down the street, people have old records lining their fence; today I passed a house with about eight different pieces of artwork in the yard. Even the Christmas decorations are interesting — fewer of the inflatables that are so popular in other places, and more ornaments dangling from pine trees or along roof lines.

This morning’s walk was my favorite, though. I wandered down a road where the yards changed from bedraggled grass and gravel to rain forests of ferns and palm trees. At the end of the road, a small sign said something like, “John Smith Memorial Nature Walk.” And at the end of the nature walk…

sunrise on the ocean

It was a total surprise. Ocean! So close, so beautiful.

It was a lovely way to start the day.

Less lovely, I’ve got no electric hookup in R’s driveway (there’s no outlet within reach), so yesterday I took my coffee maker inside to make coffee. I left it there, assuming I’d do the same thing this morning. Alas, I left the keys inside, so this morning my coffee is on the wrong side of a locked door. I’m very ready for R to wake up!