Me: I need to be thinking gratitude thoughts, not rage thoughts.

E: I’m right there with you. I’m grateful for my life. For my family. I’m grateful for you. For the sun coming up. For smiling dogs and delicious food.

Me: Yes! I’m grateful for a beautiful sunrise this morning and a warm healthy dog curled up next to me, for good friends and a roof over my head, for food in my fridge… and that my son is Canadian. 🙂

E: I’m also grateful for vegan cheese, fresh water to drink, and falling maple leaves.

Me: Coffee, the possibility of a warm shower and clean clothes! Plus comfortable shoes and a temp in the 70s.

E: OH! Shampoo! I hadn’t washed my hair in a week and it was WHOA. A man who cooks, listens intently and loves his children. Apples. The smell of soil. Butterflies and lizards.

Me: Ah, I love the man who cooks, etc. Rainbows, ripples on water, the taste of fresh ripe peaches, and snuggling into a bed with clean sheets.

E: Bartleby kisses and grass between my toes… clean towels and laughter.

Me: Music. Imagination and novels and good soup.

E: Seared scallops, knitted scarves, and intimate, soulful conversation.

Me: The sound of rain on the roof of Serenity, chocolate, and unexpected adventures. And sushi.

E: Fresh greens, cicadas doing their thing… owls hooting.

Me: Amazon, for delivery and book sales. R.

E: Used books, dandelions, my HP.

Me: …cell phones, fireflies, dew on spiderwebs…

E: Tiny little mushrooms that spring up overnight, pho, chickadees, a smile from a stranger.

…My list will go on today. The sun is shining, I had gluten-free pumpkin pancakes for breakfast, and Zelda didn’t get eaten by an alligator during our morning walk. Life could be worse.