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Not the view from my campsite, but it would have been the view from my cousin’s campsite, if she’d been able to come

Last night, as I was going to sleep, I was thinking about all the things I wanted to blog about. I wish I remembered any of them this morning.

Today’s my last day at the Recompence Campground in Freeport, Maine. In about 33 minutes, I’m going to finish packing up Serenity, dump the tanks, and head into town to do a tiny bit of shopping. I’m not much of a shopper, but a) I’m at the town famous for its LL Bean store, and b) I really don’t own enough clothes suitable for a life of camping.

When I started this adventure, I don’t think I was thinking of it as a camping adventure so much as a traveling adventure. When I pictured myself doing things, it was some hiking in forests, sure, but plenty of rambling around pleasant sidewalks and parks, visiting friends. I imagined myself parked in a Seattle city street, taking the dogs out for coffee, and camped at my brother’s garden house, wandering around his blueberry patch. I’m sure there will be plenty of those things, but there is also lots of traditional camping, which means waking up into chilly weather and late evening campfires. In other words, I have a desperate need for fewer pretty tank tops and more practical layering items.

I found a pair of really great shoes with toes (hiking boots, actually) in PA after a bit of a search. I kept dragging my SIL out to shoe stores and rejecting everything in them. I’m sure she thinks I’m the pickiest shoe shopper that has ever lived. And I also found a lightweight jacket at a thrift store there. But I own nothing waterproof. Like, nothing. A cute umbrella, but not a single item of waterproof clothing. Also, for that matter, not much in the way of warm clothes. I have a soft jacket that I bought right before leaving Florida, but my conclusion today — when it was 50 degrees and sunny while I was walking the dog — is that it is perfect for 50 and up. Any chillier and I would have been shivering.

So, yes, LL Bean is on my agenda. I also want to stop at a really good grocery store, the Bow Street Market, that I found last week. I have been regretting skipping the chocolate cupcakes ever since. It was a four pack and I really don’t need four gluten-free cupcakes, but on the other hand, four gluten-free desserts is better than none.

And then I’m off to Rockport, MA — auto-correct made me try four times to get that name, right! — for a few days.

Mostly I didn’t do the things in Maine that I wanted to do. I need to get better and faster about packing up Serenity so that it doesn’t feel like an overwhelming job when I want to make a quick run somewhere. I had always intended to get a good lobster meal here — it’s Maine, it’s practically mandatory! — and I’d even picked out the restaurant, but every time four o’clock rolled around and I thought about packing up to get moving, it was so much easier to just stay where I was. I also need to find some better solution for bringing B with us. We never touched the ocean! But he can’t walk as far as Zelda can. He gets tired and he has bad joints and… yeah. We took many nice strolls around the campground loop, but we never made it to the water.

That said, however, Maine was pretty lovely. The weather has been extremely obliging: enough of a chill in the air that I can pretend I felt fall, a little bit of rain, which is always enjoyable when I’m cozy inside Serenity, and a lot of beautiful blue sky. And my writing time is up, so on to the road I go!