I had a moment of thinking when I woke up this morning, “Thursday, must blog, what am I going to write about?” and then I thought, “Duh.” Seriously, it was a very half-awake thought because in reality I am pretty much bubbling over with excitement, wanting to babble my stuff to anyone who will listen.

So yesterday I bought my RV, a Winnebago Travato 59K. Although maybe I should start calling her a camper? It seems like the class B people prefer to use camper or van in reference to their homes-on-wheels, class B being the type of RV I chose. I am… excited. And scared. And excited again. And overwhelmed and excited and amused and excited and… yeah. I’ll stop there.

I haven’t gotten to take possession of her yet. It takes the service guys a couple of days to prep her and get her ready and then we get to do a big walkthrough where I check everything and they teach me everything I need to know. The walkthrough can take several hours, so I’m not sure when that will happen but not before the weekend, I suppose. Apart from any other issues, I need to arrange for a ride, since obviously, I’ll be driving away in Serenity.

Yep, that’s her name. It’s probably a cliche for geeks to name their vehicles Serenity, but I was thinking of doing so anyway — not just for the Firefly reference, but for the reminder to self that serenity is the true destination of my journeys. Then R said, upon seeing a picture, “You must name it Serenity.” Decision made. (In that list of adjectives up above, the amusement is because I am so very, very excited about Serenity. Oh, the irony.)

Serenity is, if it’s not obvious, very small. Well, relatively speaking. If you’re used to driving a Honda Civic, as I am, she feels pretty big. But more like a mini-van than an RV. And storage is going to be tight, even tighter than I imagined it would be. When I was looking at the overhead compartments yesterday and the depth of the drawers, I quailed. But just for a moment. There’s not going to be any bringing along of stuff “just in case” and I suspect that I’m going to have to make some hard decisions. I have a frying pan that I love and use all the time. I know exactly how it heats, just how food will cook in it, and I would have said that bringing it along was non-negotiable. (Little side note: it took me years to realize how important cooking tools are, but all pans are not alike and a good pan that you know well makes such a difference for consistent cooking.) But my frying pan has a long handle, which is going to waste a ton of space. Decisions, decisions.

Some of the other decisions are going to be interesting, too. I’ve gone through my pantry and gotten rid of stuff already, but I kept things that I thought I might need. So I’ve still got sugar and brown sugar and confectioner’s sugar and honey and molasses and agave syrup. If I’d bought a Class C RV, I probably would have packed all that into a corner somewhere. But with Serenity? Nope. I’ll keep some honey, because that is the sweetener that I most consistently use, but all the rest has got to go. And then spices and herbs — I still have a full shelf of the spices I knew I needed. But Serenity does not have a full shelf to give to spices. I’m going to go from a pantry the size of a full-length bedroom closet and cabinets with multiple shelves devoted to food to one cabinet, the size of maybe half an overhead airplane bin, for pantry goods. From a full-size refrigerator and freezer to a dorm-room size fridge. It sounds impossible. And so, so, so exciting!