When I woke up this morning and walked into the kitchen, I remembered that Past Me was kind of an asshole last night. I hadn’t cleaned the kitchen. My niece was visiting me for the weekend and my dad, step-mom and nephew came over for a Father’s Day dinner. It was a pretty low-key meal. We had flank steak, fruit salad, potato chips and dip, i.e. not a lot in the way of dishes to deal with. We even used paper plates, leftover from my house-painting party of a year ago. Anyway, I felt okay abandoning it after everyone left to spend some time on the internet.

Alas, my time on the internet stretched in that way that it does, and then I did a meditation class from yogadownload.com, and after the meditation — well, three quarters of the way through the meditation — I shut my laptop and went immediately to sleep. Thus, messy kitchen.

But when I saw it, after I rolled my eyes at myself and called Past Me some mean names, I promptly set about rectifying the situation. I threw away what needed to be thrown away, recycled what needed recycling, loaded up the dishwasher, washed some dishes, wiped down the counters, started my hot water for tea, and about ten minutes later, if not less, the kitchen was clean. Funnily enough, although I greatly prefer starting off my Monday mornings by walking into a clean kitchen, it was also strangely satisfying to start with an accomplishment. It made me feel like today is going to be a productive day.

It might also be a big day, emotionally speaking. The house is under contract. It had its inspection last Friday and the report is due to the buyer today. After he gets it, if he still wants the house and doesn’t ask me to do anything unreasonable… well, then I guess I’ve sold my house. Assuming all works out today, the closing is July 25th, five weeks from today. I wonder whether that day I will break my blog streak of actually posting every Monday morning? Maybe. Five weeks both feels like forever and no time. Fingers crossed that today goes well.

And may we all have productive Mondays!