Last night, I was headed to bed when I realized that I was tired. Really tired. Tired like I haven’t felt recently. I immediately started analyzing my diet — where could some gluten have snuck in? Did I have soy sauce with gluten in it? Had I eaten salad dressing?

And then I realized that I’d walked four and a half miles, done thirty minutes of yoga, cooked a serious dinner, driven to the airport, run errands, done some concentrated writing and stayed up too late. A year ago, that day would have wiped me out for the next three. So maybe I was just tired. But yesterday was a productive day.

I didn’t write enough words of fiction, surprise, surprise, but I did break my 1K word count. Today is the day that I’m supposed to take it up to the next notch of my Write Plan, so I need to go back and figure out what that was. But I definitely give myself credit for two writing sprints yesterday — more or less. I started them, but got engrossed enough that I lost track of time. All of the absorption wasn’t in the words, unfortunately — I did spend some time researching silly stuff on the Web and pinning clothes to my pinterest board (Grace’s clothes, mostly, although I stumbled across some Sia Mara styles, too). But enough of it was that even though I didn’t hit my 500 word goal, I’m okay with what I accomplished.

Today’s goals: 500 words of fiction — this is the official goal of Week 2 of the Write Plan, but at least one writing sprint of 30 minutes, preferably 2. Oh, and overall, at least 1000 words. I’ve got plans for today — yoga at the Y, dinner with the Orlando Indies — plus C is away, so I’m managing three dogs instead of two. They’re like kids in that the chaos rises exponentially instead of linearly, but also like kids in that it doesn’t actually get exponentially harder, just more chaotic. At any rate, I expect interruptions, but it’s an achievable goal.

Fingers crossed that when I open up yesterday’s file, I still like the words in it. I did realize, too, that’s it time to go back and refresh my memory on everything I’ve written before, but I think I will leave that for a Friday or weekend task. Or maybe even next week. Even if the words I’m writing now are not the most perfect flow of words in relation to the ones that I wrote before Christmas, at least the flow is starting to happen. I don’t want to throw it off.

And now… time for a sprint. Thirty minutes, three hundred words. I can do it!

Edited to add:
Writing Sprint 1: yWriter claims that it’s 485 words. I might even believe it. But I got stuck on the stupidest thing — the name for those little pouches of ketchup and mustard that you can get a fast food restaurants. Pouch seems wrong, but what’s the right word? Still working on that!

Re-edited to add: Packet, of course! They’re called packets.