Yesterday — I did good yoga. The dog got a good walk. And I did write over 1K words by the end of the day, but every writing sprint got interrupted and the fiction words were stupidly agonizing. If I’d pushed just a little harder, I might have hit my goal of 500 words, but instead I was at something like 420. Plus, annoying myself, revisions on some of the ones that I’d written previously. That’s a bad habit that I really need to break.

Today’s goals — two writing sprints. Five hundred words of fiction. A thousand words overall. Also taking C to the airport, running a couple errands, and having dinner/library time with my niece in the evening. That means I need to be focused about both the writing and the yoga, because my time is going to be chopped up and disorderly. (Can time be disorderly? It feels like the word that best describes the minutes grabbed between interruptions, but maybe there’s a better. I’ll ponder that question while I’m driving to the airport!)

Two things that I’m struggling with in Grace right now — too many characters with too many points of view, and too much story. I realized while walking this morning that I’m having the same problems with both Grace and the wedding story — sort of that there’s too much going on but more that I’m letting there be too many core stories. The heart has to be with one character/couple, one main plot. All the other threads are rightfully subplots. But at the moment, all those subplot threads are too strong, too dominating — in my head, as much as on the screen, because that’s part of why it’s so hard to write. Anyway, hoping that realization helps me clarify my ideas and focus on the core story. Maybe the reminder will make these writing sprints a little more productive!