After three weeks spent sleeping (badly) in the living room, celebrating the holidays, and having R home with the various distractions he provides, I am back in my room, with my own office space. It’s such a relief. It’s hard to be set up for life, work, and sleep in what is essentially a traffic area. The living room where I was settled is adjacent to the kitchen, so every late night cup of tea or early morning cup of coffee was a conversational opportunity for me. Conversational opportunity being the tactful way to say interruption, of course. It’s left me seriously off my stride.

But I’m out of excuses now. It’s time to get back into it or at least into something. “It” would be A Gift of Grace. The “something” could be any of the myriad of other projects I’ve started and left half finished over the course of the past couple years. Or even something new. It doesn’t matter to me what I write as long as I start working again.

I just spent ten minutes alternately pondering the word, “working,” and thinking about chocolate. This is not a productive use of my time. Maybe I should go redesign a website instead? Or, I suppose, work on my taxes. Finalize some insurance paperwork? Lots of options, but apparently even writing a basic blog post is beyond my writing ability at the moment.