Yesterday’s total: 0 words.

At least I wrote a blog post.

I have excuses — stuff, things, phone calls, stupid bureaucracies, paperwork, cover distractions, life. And honestly, they’re pretty good excuses. But also, I fundamentally just didn’t feel like writing yesterday.

Today, I’m going to turn the internet off for at least part of the day and try to write in focused sprints. I again have “stuff” — a book file that I hope to update, a meeting with another kitchen guy, the possibility of yoga, the need to fill out appeals forms and get things in the mail — but grabbing an hour or two for writing ought to be completely possible, if I keep the internet off and avoid mindless games and blog reading.

Someday — even someday soon, I hope — I should hit the point where the book really starts to coalesce and writing gets easier. Maybe today will even be the day.