It’s 2PM and I haven’t written a word. I spent the morning struggling with the health care exchange, a subject about which I don’t even want to start because I am so, so, SO frustrated, and most of the afternoon trying to resolve my kitchen issues. I was just starting to open my file when I realized that I hadn’t even written a blog post and I need to leave the house in ninety minutes. My frustration level has not gone down as a result of those realizations.

I’m at a “I don’t know what I’m doing!” place in my story. They happen all the time and I’m sort of used to them, but they’re never much fun. I remind myself that if I just keep writing, stuff will happen, the plot will reveal itself, onward I’ll move. But it’s feeling like a rough week and it’s only Tuesday.

Goal for today: to write something. To be nice to myself. Possibly to fill out the ridiculous appeals paperwork to continue my ongoing struggle with the health care exchange. I… am not going to vent about that. But I had a period this summer where I thought I was incredibly stupid and it turns out that no, they LIED. LIED. And are still lying. Ugh, it pisses me off. But at least if I get it done today, I won’t have to waste another day this week being annoyed at them.