I broke 5K words yesterday. Yay, me! I get the nice little NaNo badge and everything. This still does not put me on track to finish, but I’m taking my accomplishments where I can find them and this definitely felt like one.

Today… I’m off to a bad start. It was maybe the weather, maybe all the moving around of books that I did yesterday, maybe too much sitting still thinking about writing, but my joints were so unhappy in the night that I found it hard to sleep. I felt pretty resentful about it. The whole point of this crazy diet is that my joint pain is supposed to go away and last night’s pain was pretty intense. So I’m starting my day over-tired and grouchy and still in pain. I’m going to write anyway, and I’m going to try very hard not to let it affect the words. Just because I’m grumpy doesn’t mean that my characters should be. Fortunately for me, I believe I’m going to be writing the first fight for my main characters so my mood may translate nicely to the pixels.

Goal? Well, to hit 2K words and have them be great words.

Realistic goal? To end the day feeling like I’ve accomplished something, whatever that something might be. (The creamy lemon chicken kale soup that I intend to make this afternoon will not count.)

I hope you’re all doing well with your word counts, too! Or if not your word counts, that at least the words themselves are making you happy. 🙂