1201 words yesterday. At some point during the day, I gave up my grand hopes of catching up and just settled for passing 1K (my usual goal) so I’m pleased with the daily total.

I also cleared off a bunch of stuff on my to-do list including an errand that took over an hour, replacing a doorknob that had stopped turning properly, and making phone calls, so go me. Today, I’ve researched the election–gotta decide which judges to not vote for, despite the fact that they all always win re-election anyway. Even though it’s just a symbolic gesture, I always like to be sure I know what the people I’m supporting in office stand for. Today I’ll be saying no to two of them, including, alas, the only woman. And, of course, I’ll be heading off to vote this morning.

Writing-wise–I keep stumbling up against the things I don’t know. About the characters, about the plot, about the story. I said that I wasn’t a discovery writer, but I do tend to discover while I’m writing all the things I don’t know. But I start today writing from Grace’s point-of-view and I’m hoping that’ll be a little easier for me. Plus, plenty of time while standing in line at my polling place to contemplate plot twists and the events of the current chapter!

Hmm, I’m actually feeling optimistic. That’s good, I guess. I’m 3K words behind, which is still a totally achievable amount of words. I just need to keep writing!