I pretend on a regular basis that I’m going to get my life organized. Hyperbole and a Half’s “Clean All The Things!” resonates with me. I don’t do the guilt spiral anymore. I suppose that’s my symptom of adulthood–I never manage to be as organized as I aspire to be but I seldom beat myself up about it. But still, on a regular basis, I jump into Clean ALL the things mode, and part of that, for me, is scheduling my time. Today, my smug schedule is tea, walk the dogs, feed the dogs, twenty minutes on a chore (organizing paperwork), eat healthy breakfast, organize food for the rest of the day (checking the menus and shopping list), one-hour writing time, yoga, lunch, grocery shopping, three-hours writing time, swim, cook healthy dinner.

So far, so good. I’ve made it through the first six items on my list.

I’m in a ten minute window before the one-hour writing time starts, so writing goal for today: another 1000 words and some more exploration of this conflict between Akira and Zane. And a strong reminder to myself–it’s a first draft and it’s okay if the words suck.