I’m at 842 words and not stopping for the day until I hit 1000–and those words do not include the many emails I answered, go, me. I also walked the dog, went to yoga, swam a little, and ate healthy meals that followed my crazy diet. Repeat the go me.

Most importantly, though, I figured out the core issue with my Belize story. The conflict is all external. The plot is fine, but the problem with it, the reason that I’m finding it boring, is that it’s all external danger, not internal danger. It’s meant to be just a little short story, but it’s not what I write. Fortunately, that realization came attached to a scene where my two lovely main characters get into their first fight as a married couple. Yay!

So back to working on it. I started this blog post hours ago and a multitude of distractions–all starting with dogs–dragged me away, but I am determined to get that last 160 words in.