This’ll be a weird little post but that’s the kind of mood I’m in.

1) Glitter nail polish is extremely difficult to remove. I scrubbed at a single nail for a couple minutes before giving up and scraping it off with a nail file and there are still silver specks on the nail. That stuff is like glue. My finger nails may still be glittery weeks from now. I bet my toes will still have glitter on them at midwinter.

2) I remembered I should mention that the audiobook of A Lonely Magic is not going to happen anytime soon. I went back and forth with the ACX guy. He had nice comments for my delivery but I couldn’t manage to get rid of the background noise he spotted, because Florida + summer + closet recording studio = yes, the air-conditioner has to be running. I might try again in winter, if I’m feeling like reading aloud for hours a day would be fun. That sounds pretty unlikely, doesn’t it? More realistically, I might try again if I can get an audio producer willing to do all the hard parts, while I do the reading.

3) A Gift of Ghosts reached an amazing milestone today–two hundred 5-star reviews. For my quirky little book, with its video-game playing hero and anxious, geeky heroine! I feel proud, humbled, (embarrassed that I might sound like I’m bragging!)… but mostly like the world has more possible friends in it than I ever realized. It’s a good feeling. I’m celebrating by returning to Eureka for a while. I’m going to complete Reckless, a fanfic that I’ve left unfinished for almost three years now. I suppose that’s sort of an odd celebration, but it feels fitting.