Making an audio book is a hell of a lot of work, made even harder when you’re stupid about it. Thursday night, I sat down to show a guest what I was working on and the sound was all messed up. It took me a few minutes to realize that I hadn’t checked the setting of the microphone in the morning and never tested to see if I was getting good sound. Five chapters — hours of reading aloud — totally wasted.


I keep thinking I should give up. Am I at the point where I’m throwing good hours after bad? And shouldn’t I be writing instead? But it’s kind of fun, and I still need to read the rest of the book aloud, and I’ve learned a lot… I suspect this will be my first and only audio book. But I’m going to persist and make this one work.

Here’s the first minute. For those of you who listen to audio books, am I talking too fast? I’m trying to figure out how to submit a sample to ACX so they can tell me if I’m doing okay, but they haven’t answered my email yet. (PS: Fen swears a lot, so if you object to hearing f-words, don’t listen!)